Bashar Khayat;

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bashar Khayat, Lebanese, has a solid successful business portfolio nationally and regionally. In addition to serving as Petroleb’s Chairman, he owns 50% of the company.
He also leads a group of well established industrial and engineering companies and has endured highly victorious long-lasting business partnerships on an international level.
Bashar Khayat ensures effective operations and relations with the board members and stakeholders.

Salah Khayat;

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Salah Khayat, CEO of Petroleb, is an efficient qualified dynamic Lebanese mechanical-industrial engineer. He leads the management of Petroleb’s corporate strategic planning including overseeing the company’s investment decisions and reviews.
His other roles include handling business relationships with shareholders and other influential stakeholders, international business developer and new ventures strategist and planner.

Dr. Naji Abi Aad

Chief Operating Officer / Senior Advisor

An economist and natural gas expert with proven track record in managing multiple operations departments in E&P firms. Dr. Naji Abi Aad, Lebanese, supports the CEO in the company’s overall strategic and operational functions and possesses strong ability to balance between short and long term objectives. In addition, he provides broad advisory support to the CEO and the Chairman of the Board, and manages specific programs particularly in the areas of corporate relations, corporate planning and change management.

Kobeissi & Frangie

Legal Advisors

Kobeissi & Frangié Attorneys & Counselors at Law (KFA) is a law firm based in Beirut, Lebanon. KFA’s work is provided by a team of diverse lawyers specialized in various jurisdictions. KFA provides Petroleb with exceptional advice that makes a real difference to its businesses.